Individual care

Individual care

On Florencius we offer all our students the best individual care. By having small groups and intensive support there is a lot of attention for each individual pupil. For as much as possible, we put together an education system that meets with the needs of the pupil; this helps us to strive for continuous development.

We offer:

  • more class time
  • small groups
  • individual attention

More class time

At Florencius the pupils attend school for 30 hours per week, this is including the midday program which is compulsory for all children. This means we spend 5 to 6 extra hours per week on education compared to a regular school. This extra time is used for intensive reading, language, spelling and arithmetic. In addition, there is more room for the English language, physical education, art and expression.

Small groups

At Florencius we find it important that pupils learn in a recognisable social environment. Pupils learn a lot from each other. That’s why we work with small groups; each group has its own teacher and the support of an assistant teacher.  In this way, we encourage pupils to work together; there is plenty of room for personal attention and individual counselling.

Individual attention

At Florencius students are supervised by a professional, multidisciplinary team of teachers, subject teachers and various specialists.

At Florencius much attention is given to the special needs of the individual pupil. Specialist teachers provide guidance to talented pupils and pupils with a request for help in the area of language (dyslexia) and mathematics (dyscalculia).