Talent development

Talent development

Research shows that the education in Dutch schools do not score well in terms of talent, pupils stagnate in their development and perform under level. The vision of Florencius (to let each pupil’s talent shines) it is clear that we want to help each pupil to develop themselves to creative individuals, with an attitude of self-confidence, self-knowledge, independence and positive social behaviour.

At Florencius our aim is to recognize the abilities of children and utilize their talent better.  We work from the standard of the pupil and the positives of the pupil.  Pupils develop better if they are successful. We want to teach pupils to enjoy learning and acquiring knowledge. Pupils work here in a rich, authentic learning environment, where combined with a lot of different materials the possibility exists to work individually or together on certain talents.

Inspiring professionals

We have recruited inspiring professionals who have high expectations of all the pupils. They give great attention to the basic subjects and develop the talents of the pupils in the field of foreign languages, art, sports, entrepreneurship and the arts. In addition; elements such as drama, creative crafts, expression and music are offered. Some subjects, such as playing instruments, are offered to all children; together with these pupils’ get the opportunity during Q-time to develop their own talent.

For more information regarding talent development please look at the video below.