Private education

Private education

Florencius is a private school. The reason for choosing private education is to meet a growing need, for tailor-made education i.e. education of a high standard. Presently there is a lack of appropriate education for pupils with specific needs such as dyslexia or dyscalculia. For the more gifted pupils the present (regular) education is inadequate.

Florencius offers the most ideal education system with the best possible care for our pupils. Due to the fact that our team comprises of teachers with extra expertise we can offer pupils who are highly gifted, or with dyslexia/dyscalculia more attention. We are also in a strong position to help pupils with social and emotional development (anxiety) problems.

Education Inspection regarding Florencius

According to research by the Education Inspection our teaching system works. The Education Inspection has subjected Florencius to a quality research control and is extremely enthusiastic about the personal development plans that we create for each pupil. The inspection has praised Florencius with regard to the way our pupils are followed and challenged. Download the report of the Inspectorate of Education (NL – pdf).