At Florencius we realize that the world is getting ‘smaller’. Worldwide developments ensure that there is a growing need for internationalisation. These developments and the use of media like Internet; international contact is more the rule rather than the exception. We choose at Florencius to properly prepare our pupils for this world citizenship.

See for more information on internationalization video below.

At our private primary school, we prepare our pupils to be internationally aware in three ways: by using the IPC, starting at group 1 we teach English and maintain international contacts.

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

At Florencius we use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This is an inspiring Dutch curriculum for the case subjects in primary education: geography, history and physics. Also, handicrafts, drawing, ICT, technology and music are offered in the IPC. The so-called basic skills such as literacy, numeracy and reading stand outside the IPC.

The IPC is based on the key principles for good education:

  • brain-friendly learning, including multiple intelligences
  • self-discovery learning
  • alongside teaching knowledge is learning skills is important
  • the importance of international understanding

For more information look at the page The IPC .

English lessons from Group 1

This choice was made because English is currently the most important world language and we find it necessary in today’s society that the pupils are taught as soon as possible. Pupils are responsive to learning a new language at a young age if it is given and structured in a good way.

The teachers use the latest teaching methods during the English lessons. Attention is paid to learning how to speak well, write and understand the English language.  Furthermore, the pupils will take part in the Anglia exam (at their own level) and will be rewarded with an internationally recognized certificate.

Also, other languages ​​will be offered optionally in the future.

Contact with a school abroad

Florencius maintains contact with several partner schools abroad, for joint projects among themselves and e-mail contact.