Besides the cognitive subjects at Florencius much attention is given to the physical and creative development of our pupils. Our education in the expression compartments contributes to this development because it develops the creativity of pupils; they have the opportunity to express their emotions and mind and help to discover personal preferences and talents. Here are all the four Q’s mentioned intelligences addressed coherently.

At our private schools we provide both passive and active attention to the various forms of expression. Led by a specialist teacher, sport is practised several times a week, we work on the following aspects: sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverance, winning and of course losing. In addition, education is offered in the fields of music, handicrafts, drawing and drama. These subjects are structurally incorporated in our offer of education, in independent classes and / or as part of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). In addition, students can further develop specific skills in module form during Q-time.


At Florencius we believe that offering expressive subjects requires much expertise. That is why we work with a specialist teacher who is also a creative crafts art therapist. The specialist teacher / art therapist is part of our multidisciplinary education team so that together we can guide our pupils in the best possible way.

Crafts have a huge compensatory value: for example, when pupils find it difficult to keep up in more (intellectual) areas. Being creative can positively affect their self-esteem, this is something that we encourage warmly. Crafts help pupils to relax and also to give energy. Muscular movements are also helped to develop.


Because our pupils come into contact with art, this helps them to develop their own taste. This taste contributes to the development of their own identity: Who am I? Who will I be? What belongs to me? We regularly visit museums and exhibitions so that the pupils get a first-hand appreciation of art. To accomplish this we have our own school buses at our disposal. We also use the digital whiteboard to introduce pupils to art and culture in the Netherlands and in other countries.

At Florencius we find it particularly important that pupils enjoy being creative.