The care at Florencius is characterised by appropriate measured education; our aim is for excellent quality level. We realise a rich, authentic learning environment and optimal coordination between different possibilities, level, guidance and methods. We do this for every pupil within his/her obstacles and possibilities. Our aim is:

“Let your talent shine, and let each pupil develop to his/her full potential”

Conditions to let a pupil come to full blossom are paramount.  A pupil should not feel to be an exception in a negative way. Ultimately, it is important that the pupil develops a positive binding with the school situation and is in a state to develop by learning.

At Florencius we give the most optimal care for the pupils that are entrusted to us so that they achieve continuous development. Our multidisciplinary team feels responsible for the results and is structurally working to further improve the quality of our education system.