Social-emotional development

Social-emotional development

At private primary school Florencius there is much attention to the social and emotional development of the pupil. It is important that pupils feel safe and can express themselves, but who can also empathise with the feelings of others.

In terms of content we put in the following aspects:

  • Self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Feelings for themselves and others
  • Empathise with others
  • Values ​​and norms (standards)
  • Resolve conflict
  • Relationships and sexuality

We use a number of methods in the field of social and emotional development.

Rock and Water

Rock and Water is a psycho-physical resilience program in which young people learn to stand up for themselves in a proper manner. The Rock and Water program differs from other programs because of its multiple objectives and the broader educational perspective in which the resilience of training goes along with the development of positive social skills.

Whopper Training

The whopper training involves two things. First, you learn to recognise what sort of behaviour is present and the pupils learn that you can behave in different ways. We try to raise awareness with these pupils and offer them different ways of responding.

In addition, it involves the forming of groups. In a group where you know each other and its safe annoying behavior (bullying) occurs less. The purpose of the training is not to make all pupils “good” but to teach them to stand up for themselves and to let others know what they like and do not like regarding behaviour.

Kids’ Skills

Kids’ Skills is a playful and practical approach to solving problems faced by children. Central is one very important idea: virtually all problems can be understood as skills that must be developed. Kids’ Skills was developed by the Finnish psychiatrist Ben Furman.

Girls Venom

Girls Venom is a comprehensive teaching method to tackle bullying among girls aged from 9/15 years.