Parents about Florencius

Parents about Florencius

Stefan“We are so excited! Stefan comes home every afternoon happy. He makes strikingly large leaps with you. The stars in his eyes shine every day. After his birthday at school I asked him, so you feel really special today? To which he responds: Mom, at this school I feel special every day! Nobody can take that away from him!  We are grateful every day we could and did make the choice for Florencius
– Nathalie, mother of Stefan

Hetty en Jasper

“Just as important as the extra help with learning, is the confidence that school has given him, he can now use this extra strength to overcome other things. It lasts longer than just at primary school. Or as Jasper himself says: Here I learn how to use my talents. “
– Hetty, mother of Jasper

Sacha en Olivier “Olivier is at Florencius since group 4 and has since then grown from a misunderstood child to an understood adolescent who feels comfortable in his own skin and enjoys going to school. We will now take the next step towards Secondary Education; a step we will take with confidence. Olivier is ready. ”
– Sacha, mother of Olivier

Annelies en Charlotte  “Since Charlotte started to attend Florencius, she is eager every day to go to school. She has found a place where she can be who she is, and where she dares to be herself . No strain, no stress, every day is a lot of fun at school! ”
– Annelies, mother of Charlotte

Bibi en Margot“The cognitive progress of our daughter just did not progress in mainstream education; despite the fact that we supplemented it with after school tutoring. We often played ‘school’ to our daughter with all her homework assignments.  We experienced this as stressful and did not help the atmosphere at home.  The moment we heard that our request to let our daughter repeat a year was rejected we heard that Florencius Amstelveen had opened its doors. The change was made quickly. In the middle of the school year our daughter joined the school for a trial day. The same evening she asked if she could go back Florencius the next day. Five days later she was (without all her school friends) radiant and enthusiastic at Florencius. The individual attention and encouragement approach ensures that our daughter has got pleasure out of learning. She has discovered her strengths and talents and has overtaken 1.5 years of curriculum. She will now go to high school full of confidence. The dedicated team at Florencius holds 4 Q’s (IQ, EQ, FQ, and SQ) which they stand for good in the picture. There is a balanced equilibrium, wherein the energy of each child is monitored. As a parent, you are in direct contact with a skilled teaching team.  I’m going to miss them all soon! ”
– Margot, mother of Bibi

“The first three years that my son was at a public school he actually just learned songs. Just a few years of attending Florencius he is now one of the best in his class with English. From the time he started at Florencius, he was well guided and we saw him progress in leaps and bounds. Our daughter is at Florencius from the beginning of her school period. By their way of teaching and coaching, she has learned a lot in a short time. We can see already that it provides a broad basis where she will only have pleasure from it for the rest of her life. I can honestly say that we have no regrets with regard to our choice for Florencius. ”
– An enthusiastic mother

Dorien en Bodhi

“Bodhi switched from regular education to Florencius in group. It’s been the best decision that we could have made for our son. Bodhi who has attended the school from the beginning of its existence, felt right at home. With more personal attention, better guidance, a wider range of fabric and deeper understanding of the child, Bodhi progressed faster in the various intelligences. He became more balanced and his talents were brought forward. As parents, we found that the staff at Florencius were a passionate and spirited team and gave positive guidance in the social-emotional area. ”
– Dorien, mother of Bodhi

“Florencius was our choice because of the similar idea we had regarding children; with regard to talent and the development of a child, namely every child is unique and is in possession of various talents. The trick is to discover and develop these talents. That this happens in an environment with small classes where there is sufficient time for the teachers to do this is ideal. Our daughter has never had it so good at school she is progressing in leaps and bounds. This has not been possible at another school. ”
– Randal, father of Hope

To see your child happy is the most important thing for a parent. Because of the switch over to Florencius our daughter is totally happy from the moment she goes to school to the time she comes home.  Because of the positive approach and warmth of the team, in combination with a personal touch, her confidence has grown and she performs even better. Our only regret is that we did not make the change over to Florencius earlier.
– Ellen, mother of Marthe


“Florencius: one investment – lifetime returns.”
– Geert, father of Marthe

“Paul was in a good school: fine teachers and good friends. Yet this was not a place for him. With Florencius we found the best school for him. Within a few months, his confidence grew in leaps and bounds, he picked up on all his subjects   and he developed his talents better. With the personal development plan you get a grip on the developments. Through a subject like IPC the child learns how to look at the world in a structured manner. We now have a child who still plays with his friends from his old school, but also has a lot of new friends. Paul shines and smiles and has set a course for high school. Simply, on his terms!
– Helen, mother of Paul

“Florencius offers individual attention, plenty of challenges and a personal development plan in a safe environment. For us it was also the committed and dedicated team of education specialists that was an important reason for choosing Florencius. They get the best of every child. Our child enjoys school: she has plenty of challenges, and works at her own level. She says: ‘I like everything at this school’ the combination of small classes, individual attention to learning and self-development. Florencius is unique! It is education that every child deserves! ”
– An, mother of Faye

  “Our kids got stuck in the struggle of the ordinary education system. Because of big classes and a general quality our children’s talents were not been developed, no matter how smart they were. Florencius was for us a true gift.  In three years’ time Lodewijk was capable of putting his talents to work so that he could work on his development points; he left Florencius with a good ground for secondary school. Our daughter was performing badly but has now caught up and is doing very well. She can also through the right combination of cognitive, physical and social-emotional skills can now apply herself to progress her talents. There is a lot of genuine attention towards her, whereby she now goes to school with pleasure. In addition, her confidence has grown enormously. ”
– Petra, mother of Louis and Machteld

“We chose Florencius because a lot of attention is given to the talents of the child. Because our children’s talents were developed at Florencius, their self-confidence has grown considerably. ”
– Marie-Louise, mother of Empire

“Florencius strength is that they look at every child. As a result of this what they offer your child suits them. This resulted in our children developing in subjects where they are weaker at and became even better in those areas where they were already good at. ”
– Michael, father of Shem

  “Florencius was for Daan a sort of substitute family; the small scale, the atmosphere, the warmth of the place. A fantastic team was ready for Daan but also for us parents! I’ve seen a lot of schools in connection with my older children. Sometimes because of relocating and sometimes because it turned out that we had not chosen the right school. But I have never dealt with such an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and committed team. At Daan’s previous school they found Daan a nuisance because of his chatter; he was often punished for this. And what a pleasant surprise to read in the first evaluation from Florencius that this was seen as a talent!  It depends how you look at it and what direction you want to go in”
– Marian, mother of Daan