At Florencius it is essential that our pupils learn to read and spell well, these skills are the basis for good school performance and success in our present society. Ten percent of the pupils do not develop reading and spelling easily, when this happens there can be a question of dyslexia.

For these pupils, we offer our private primary school specialised care. The customised care is provided by the language / dyslexia specialist and by the teacher in the group. Much attention is given to reading development of each pupil. Four times a week, there are group reading sessions, with interventions from the programmes Connect and Ralfi. The dyslexia software program Kurzweil is also used as a tool for dyslexia during lessons.

Sounds and colors

In addition, spelling is given five times per week. We work with the elements from the L & F method, where every tone is coupled to a colour. The language is made visible in this way, and it helps the dyslexic pupil to recognize the sound and rule structure of the language. The visualization is central to all methods and is already offered in group 1 and 2.

While dealing with our pupils with reading problems and dyslexia we aim for the highest level possible, so that the pupils in group 8 can at least read a newspaper, magazine of the subtitles of a film.