After-School Care

After-School care

Buitenschoolse opvang


Private school Florencius offers excellent after school care for pupils who wish to avail of this program . The major advantages are:

  • continuity, because the care is provided by the teaching assistants who are also present during school hours;
  • one educational environment for the school and after school care:
  • the same holistic approach during the reception and during school hours, with attention to sports and music;
  • The after school program is in our main school building so our pupils do not have to travel to another location.

After-school care is a standard part of the daily program at Florencius and does not involve additional costs, the costs are included in the annual school fees. Participating pupils are welcome from 08.00 am to 18.00 pm.

The after school care programme at Florencius was audited and approved in 2012 by the Public Health Service.

BSO Rapport Florencius Amstelveen 11-’12

Link naar het inspectierapport van 28 feb. 2013:

BSO Rapport Florencius Amstelveen Februari ’15


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